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4th February 2009

Quid pro quo a la Catalana

Tessa Jowell´s recent admission in evidence to the Welsh Affairs Select Committee that Wales was taking a financial hit as a result of the London Olympics only confirmed what many of us had long been arguing.  Today the Mayor of Barcelona flies out to London to share lessons from one of the most successful Games in history.  One interesting dimension from the Welsh perspective is the fact that Central Government recognised the potential for resentment from the South of Spain and so developed the International Expo in Seville at the same time and gave the go-ahead for the first high-speed rail link between Madrid and Seville not Madrid and Barcelona.  In this way investment was shared equally North and South.  Where is the UK Government´s Big Project for the rest of the UK.  Surely Wales and Scotland should get a promise now of high-speed rail to compensate for the huge investment going into what is still the richest capital city in the EU?

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