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9th April 2009

Time is Money

Interesting article in yesterday’s Times about the new Estonian Happiness Bank which trades in good deeds.  We already have in Wales a growing time banking movement based in Treherbert.  There’s even a public sector version where public agencies can second people for free.   I think it’s time we looked at rolling out this out as a national time bank to which everyone could contribute.  Perhaps Plaid could set a target for the next Assembly term of a billion minutes of mutual help.  Cymortha- helping neighbours with the harvest - what in the industrial context we would have described as solidarity is a deeply ingrained part of the Welsh collective psyche - and in these difficult times one to be nurtured not forgotten. 

Alongside the idea of mutual help, we need to give more prominence to the idea of community service as Obama is doing in America with his pledge to serve movement.  The Welsh Assembly Government should not just demand the right for St.David’s Day to be designated a national holiday - as with Martin Luther King day in America it should be designated a day of national community service.  Do the little things was after all his slogan.

2 Responses to “Time is Money”

  1. johnmarc says:
    April 9th, 2009 at 11:41 pm

    Honourable Adam Price MP,

    Please accept my apologies for posting a comment on an entirely diffenrent subject.

    I am a Tamil who lives in London and came to know through a person from your constituency that you are concerned about the plight of Tamil civilians at the hands of Sri Lankan Government. I would like to request you to join with us at the protest in London on 11/04/09.

    Kind regards

    John Marcelene

  2. alanindyfed says:
    April 10th, 2009 at 9:33 am

    Adam, in Indonesia where I lived for seven years they have Gotong Royong, which means that everyone helps their neighbour when the necessity arises.
    So they all work together without reward for the common good.
    No doubt in Wales that custom prevailed in ages past. How do we go about instilling in the minds of the public the benefits of this approach to life?

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