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MP demands justice for Farepak families

Local MP Adam Price has  demanded justice for Farepak families.  Adam who highlighted the Farepak injustice when it happened two years ago said those responsible must be brought to account and that every effort should be made to ensure that the families affected receive acceptable levels of compensation.  At present the thousands of former Farepak customers who were affected by its collapse are only expected to get back 5p in every pound.  The long running investigation into the company by the Westminster government came to an end this week; advice is currently being sought on whether the information uncovered warrants legal action. 
Adam Price said:
“The collapse of Farepak had a devastating and enduring impact on thousands of families in Carmarthenshire and Wales as a whole.  These families have waited a long time for the conclusion of the investigation and it’s about time that they had some answers.”

Adam added:

“It is only right that the victims in all of this are given information on what is happening now and what is happening next.  I will be fighting for justice for the families: for better compensation, and for the people responsible for the devastation wreaked on them to be held to account.  This hit the most vulnerable people in Carmarthenshire during a difficult Christmas period.  It is simply unfair that they are still waiting for action.”