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MP calls for Heating Oil Prices to be Addressed

Local politician Adam Price MP has again taken up the issue of heating oil prices in the constituency.  The pair has raised concerns about the high prices of heating oil on numerous occasions and have again called on the Westminster Government to address the issue and find a way to bring down the cost of heating oil.

Adam Price MP said:

“For many people in the county using heating oil isn’t an option but a necessity.  We have seen the price of petrol coming down over the last few weeks but whilst the cost of heating oil has lowered it has not done so to the extent that could be expected.  Obviously this is an even greater concern considering the fact that it is going to be a cold winter and the credit crunch is really stretching every household’s income.”

Adam added:

“It is important that people in the county are given as much help as possible to get through the current economic difficulties.  The price of heating oil per litre has risen dramatically over the past twelve months, and whilst there has been some improvement we would like to see it come down further to help those who need it to heat their homes.  We have written to the Government in Westminster urging them to ensure this issue is addressed.”