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Miners exclusion taken up by local MP

Local MP Adam Price has taken the fight for miner’s compensation for those who worked in the industry before June 1954 to the Welsh Office at Westminster.  Currently miners who have suffered from ill health but left the service prior to the June 1954 cut off date have been denied any compensation, even though miners in Scotland are given support.  Adam has now taken the issue up with the Welsh office to try and ensure that his constituents and other miners in Wales are not left out.
Adam Price MP said:
“This situation is highly unfair.  To exclude people based on the dates they worked in the mines or the fact they live in Wales is unacceptable.  I have requested that the Welsh office look into extending the scheme to ensure this injustice does not continue.”

Adam added:
“I have been fighting for miners’ compensation for a number of years.  I am still battling with the Government for miners who worked on the mines surface to be included in the compensation scheme.  I would advise any person seeking compensation for ill health suffered as a result of working in the mine prior to 1954 to contact my office so I can put forward their case.”