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Local Amazement as Post Office Ltd Admit No Risk Assessments on Mobile Outreach Locations

News that Post Office Ltd have not run any risk assessments in relation to the locations for outreach services have been met with astonishment by local politicians.  Seven post offices are due to close in the Carmarthen East and Dinefwr constituency to be replaced by a mobile outreach service.  In a reply to a freedom of information request put forward by the areas local MP post office ltd have confirmed that no risk assessment has been conducted on the sites proposed as locations for the new service.  Adam Price MP says the news raises a lot of questions about the process.

Adam Price MP said:
“I am very concerned that no formal risk assessments have been done in relation to the areas that are proposed as mobile outreach sites.  Post Office Ltd state that they do consider comments made by members of the community but I know from speaking at community meetings and from reading submissions from people who will be loosing their local post office that there is a great deal of worry about the placement of the mobile alternatives.”

Adam added:

“A number of residents have expressed their concern to me about some of the mobile outreach locations.  In some cases they certainly appear to be located near potential dangers.  I am astonished that no official risk assessment has been undertaken given the range of public apprehension.”