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County Farmers Urged To Claim For Low Flying Damage

Farmers are being urged to apply for compensation if their livestock are damaged as a result of low flying activity.  Local MP Adam Price says low flying can cause a great deal of stress for livestock and can lead to a number of accidents.  It is important that farmers in the county take advantage of compensation payments for any losses they incur.  Research by Peter Davies, county executive officer of the Farmers’ Union of Wales, in Carmarthen, and Adam Price, found that hundreds if not thousands of farmers in Wales are losing out by not claiming.  Last year £63,000 was claimed by Welsh farmers.

Adam Price MP said:

“Low flying aircrafts can cause a lot of financial difficulties for farmers and it is important, especially in the current economic climate that they are compensated for that.  From causing abortions to startling livestock which then injure themselves in accidents, low flying can be a real problem.”

Adam added:

“There are a great number of people that have lost livestock because of low flying activity but have not thought to claim compensation.  I would urge people in the county to make sure that if anything happens as a result of low flying aircraft they note the time and date and contact the Ministry of Defence as soon as possible, to register their complaint and pursue the compensation that is owed to them.”