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27th January 2009

Auto Suggestion

Ian Pearson just repeated Mandelson’s heavily trailed announcement on the car industry in the House of Commons.  I made the point that the main purpose of  Government policy had to be saving jobs through increasing sales and that none of the measures announced today would lead to a single additional car sold.  The problem with car finance has been left to the redoubtable Mervyn Davies to sort out at some unspecified point in the future. Meanwhile 1600 people a day in the UK are turned down for a car loan.  I asked why the Government hadn’t considered introducing the kind of generous incentives - in the form of rebates or vouchers - for people swapping older more polluting cars with newer vehicles - the so-called car-scrappage schemes introduced in Germany and France.  The minister said they hadn’t been introduced yet; that they wouldn’t boost new car sales; that they’re poor value for money; and that we shouldn’t believe everything we read in the newspapers (or on the web) .   Ditto everything we hear in the Commons I suspect.

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