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Deiseb / Petition

You are invited to sign our petition below.
The petition will run until June 30 2008

Yr ydym yn eich gwahodd i arwyddo ein deiseb isod.
Bydd yr deiseb yn rhedeg hyd at Mehefin 30 2008

We the undersigned are opposed to the post office modernisation programme and call on the consultation process to take into consideration the important social impact closing post offices will have on the surrounding communities.

After you have added your name to this petition an e-mail will be sent to the given address to confirm your signature. Please make sure that your e-mail address is correct or you will not receive this e-mail and your name will not be counted.


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Last 10 of 15 signatories

Miss Fisher,
“Post offices are essential for rural communities. Acting as a bank, shipping office for eBay sales etc and what with the credit crunch, high fuel prices, low benefit rates, many can not afford to travel the 20+ round trip to a central post offices.”

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G Williams

Deryk Cundy,
“Post Offices are a cornerstone of society – we close them at our peril. They are often the glue for small communities and the social network for all ages.”

Jon Howes

Nicolas Mackin,
“The only reason the Post OPffice is currently running so badly is because the politicians keep meddling in it. Leave it be and focus on something you should such as transport or health.”

James Wall

M.A.C. Adams


“Make Post Offices alternative delivery locations for online shopping / ebay and the like. Have them open “out-of-office” hours and take a small delivery fee. That would be modernisation at it’s most effective.”