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24th November 2008

PBR - instant reaction

A rag-bag of small tax cuts and tax rises delayed that will fail to stimulate the economy but will rack up a massive £118 billion of additional debt next year.   The upshot is likely to be a rise in long-term interest rates and little in the way of upswing for the real economy.  On top of this there is te prospect of the privatisation of the Royal Mint.  All in all the worst of all possible words, too small a stimulus for too big a debt.  No wonder Chancelor Merkel and President Sarkozy said no to this type of plan.

One Response so far to “PBR - instant reaction”

  1. plaidcasnewydd says:
    November 25th, 2008 at 12:48 am

    absolutely- I have 8 reasons to dislike this report on my blog now. I could do with a few more…

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