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28th January 2009

In defence of Barnett…(and devolving policing)

Well, I thought that would get your attention.  Calling for the replacement of the Barnett Formula with a needs-based alternative is like an article of faith in Plaid - and no, I haven’t become a heretic overnight.  But the debate in Westminster Hall (the ante-room to the main chamber) on police funding puts an interesting new twist on this debate and makes the case for further powers: in the case of the Home Office Grant to Welsh police authorities Wales would be better off if policing was devolved (and therefore came under the terms of the Barnett Formula) compared to the current situation where a modified needs based formula is applied.

Welsh police authorities next year will get an increase in central government grant of 2.6%.  This is lower than the average for England of 2.8% because of the distinctly urban bias in the funding formula (low crime areas like Dyfed Powys lose out as a result).  If the Barnett Formula was applied, however, Welsh police authorities would get £2.2 million extra compared to the settlement actually on the table.  That’s the salary costs of an additional 100 police officers for Wales every year - hardly small potatoes.  I fail to see how even David T.C. Davies MP - who is a part-time Constable with the British Transport Police -  could argue with that. Though I’m sure he will give it his best shot, whare teg.

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